Security Lab

noname01The Security Lab is a research laboratory at the Kyonggi University in Korea established in 2001 to support research and education in computer and network security. The lab is part of the Convergence Security Department. Its current research projects concern infrastructure Protection and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) defense.

“APT techniques are used by cyber-attackers to steal data for monetary gains. Unlike other threats, these threats are advanced, often targeted, persistent in nature, and evasive too. APTs target particular organizations unlike other usually found malwares, which sweep down random millions of boxes.”

Professor: Kuinam J. Kim, Research Professor: Kyoung ho Choi

Ph.D. Students

1. Min Su Kim  2. Jong Min Kim  3. Jong Moon Yeun  4. Sang Il Shin  5. Jyung Jun Ahn  6. Wan Su Lee  7. Hyun Seok Hwang  8. Kyoung Hun Ahn  9. Youhan Kim  10. KyoungAh Kim  11. Jeunghan Shon  12. Ki Jung Lee  13. Hyeun Seok Yeun  14. Seung Ki Park  15. Kil Jun Choi

M.S Students

1. Byek Seuk Kong  2. Seung Tae Kim  3. Young Ho Lee  4. Ji Young Kim  5. Young Jin Kim  6. Kyoung Lang Kim  7. Cheul ku Kang  8. Bang Won Lee



1. Seung jae Yoo, Professor, Information Security Department, Jungbu University
2. Shi-Chun No, Professor, Computer Engineering Department, Nam Seoul University
3. Won hyung Park , Assistant Professor, Cyber Security Department, Far-East University
4. Dong Hwi Lee, Assistant Professor, Information Security Department, Dongshin University
5. Min-Su Kim, Invited Professor, Convergence Security Department, Kyonggi University
6. Do Hyung Kim, Security Manager, Daegu Bank
7. Jong-sub Kim, National Police Agency
8. Kang taek Lee, National Air-Force
9. Jiwon Kang, National Air-Force
10. Kyoung Ho Choi, Research Professor, Industry Security Department, Kyonggi University
11. Jhpk, National Security Agency
12. Youn Ju Kuek, Ienodime Electronics
13. Jae Hun Seon, Dong-Ah University
14. Jae-Myoung Kim, CSO
15. Hwa Jea Cho, Information Security, DongKuk University
16. jhbk, National Security Agency
17. Jong Min Kim


1. Byeung Hun Kim, Hana Bank
2. In Su Song, Nam Seoul University
3. Yeung Jun Shin, Kangwon Police Agency
4. Jae Hyung Yhu, Samhwa ENC
5. Seung Phe Hea, Wins Technet
6. Dong Yeun Hwang, Population Health Department
7. Min Jun Kim, LK Systems
8. Il Kwean Jeung, Dong Seo Cable
9. Keun Sang Lee
10. Nani Jin
11. Pulm Kang, Pusan